We, the members of the committee of the IAHAIO 2007 Tokyo Conference, have almost cleared the cost, being supported by Hill's-Colgate(JAPAN)Ltd., and many other sponsor and supporters. We sincerely thank sponsors, supporters, endorsers, speakers, presenters and participants for your help and effort to finish this conference successfully.

First of all, we are honored to report that the opening ceremony and the welcome reception on Oct. 5th was dignified by the presence of Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Akishino and that His Imperial Highness gave us a special lecture titled “The Origin and Domestication Process of Chickens”.

The total number of participants including exhibitors was 1690, in which 154 people were from 27 foreign countries, and 9 plenary, 13 workshops, 63 oral, 66 poster sessions were presented for 4 days. The most interesting thing was that we had many young people, who will be shouldering the responsibility for the future of the field of human animal interaction in Japan. Three plenary speeches were given by Asian researchers including Professor Yoshihiro Hayashi at the University of Tokyo, which was most appropriate for the first IAHAIO conference held in Asia. One of the exciting workshops was about Cats without Ownership in the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, because many Japanese people are also very interested in the topic. Forty-six of 66 poster presentations dealt with the subjects of the effects of animals on human health, whose significance is also mentioned in the IAHAIO Tokyo Declaration.

We had an exciting conference dinner on the 3rd day of the conference, Oct. 7th , and Dr. Gen Kato and Dr. Hiroko Shibanai were given honorable recognition as pioneers in the field of human animal interactions in Japan at the closing ceremony on Oct. 8th .

We thank all of you for the successful closing of the Conference of IAHAIO in Tokyo. See you again at Stockholm in Sweden in 2010.

Yoichi Shoda, Ph.D.
Chair, Organizing Committee of IAHAIO 2007 Tokyo Conference
Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo

Conference Photo

Opening Ceremony: Opening Speech by the Chair, Dr. Shoda   Opening Ceremony: Speech by the Nobel laureate in physics, Prof. Masatoshi Koshiba   Special Guest Lecture: By His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino
Special Guest Lecture: By His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino   Welcome Reception: Was held in the presence of Their Imperial Highness Prince and Princess Akishino.   Welcome Reception: IAHAIO President Dr. Turner introduced the Organizing Committee.
Plenary Session: Prof. Yoshihiro Hayashi   Plenary Session: Prof. Bruce Headey   Plenary Session: Prof Gail Melson
Oral Sessions   Workshops   Poster Sessions
Exhibition Hall   Exhibition Hall   Demonstration of Animals in Japan
Stage event was being held by the sponsors in the exhibition hall   IAHAIO/ISAZ Distinguished Scholar Award winner Dr. Katherine Grier   IAHAIO Pioneers Award was presented to Mars, Incorporated
Best Poster Award was presented to Ms. Yukari Yoshidomi and the co-authors   IAHAIO special award was presented to Dr. Gen Kato and Dr. Hiroko Shibanai in recognition of their pioneering effort in Japan   Conference Dinner: Kagamibiraki
Conference Dinner: Japanese traditional performances were shown   Conference Dinner: Japanese traditional flute Shakuhachi and piano music   Conference Dinner: Japanese Bon dancing by the attendants
Closing Ceremony: Closing Speech by the Chair Dr. Shoda   Closing Ceremony: IAHAIO Vice-President Mr. Follin has congratulated the Secretary, Ms. Nakanishi for the success of the Conference   Closing Ceremony: Ms. Ulla Bjornhammer of Manimalis introduces the next Conference in Stockholm

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[IAHAIO 2007 Tokyo Declaration]
IAHAIO 2007 Tokyo Declaration was adopted at the IAHAIO Annual Meeting on October 5th 2007.
[Press Release]
The following document was distributed to the press.
IAHAIO 2007 Tokyo Declaration Press Release
The following documents are the abstract for this conference.
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